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Independent Contractor Agreement

Please read this agreement carefully before signing up as a shopper with us. This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions of your relationship with Service Impressions.

Service Impressions may request your services on an assignment-by-assignment basis, as an independent contractor. You are not an agent or employee of Service Impressions, and Service Impressions is not your employer.

Service Impressions will not withhold income or social security taxes from any compensation you receive from Service Impressions. Nor will Service Impressions pay employment security taxes or any other taxes on your behalf. You are responsible for any taxes due from any compensation you receive from Service Impressions. If your compensation from Service Impressions exceeds $599.00 (five hundred and ninety-nine dollars) in a calendar year, Service Impressions will provide you with a 1099 form.

Service Impressions will contact you to offer shopping assignments. You are under no obligation to accept assignments offered and Service Impressions is under no obligation to provide you with assignments. Acceptance of an assignment creates an implied contract between Service Impressions and you as an Independent Contractor. In the event you are unable to perform an accepted assignment, you agree to notify Service Impressions promptly by email so that the assignment can be issued to another shopper.

The amount of compensation for each Service Impressions assignment is stated clearly during the scheduling process and on the confirmation material. The compensation is client-specific and varies with each assignment.

Mystery shopping often entails out-of-pocket expenses. Shoppers are only reimbursed for such purchases up to the amount stated for each assignment. All reimbursements require an applicable itemized receipt submitted to Service Impressions. You will not receive payment without an itemized receipt.

Fees for assignments performed and reimbursement for allowable expenses will be distributed via PayPal around the 20th of each month for all shops completed in the previous month. All assignments completed to the standards required by our client and submitted on time will be processed by this date. Adjustments in compensation may occur in the form of penalties as a result of late, incomplete or inaccurate reports or if instructional guidelines from our clients are not met.

You are not to duplicate or disseminate any of Service Impressions’ materials, or any part thereof, in any way or form, without prior written consent of Service Impressions.

You agree not to accept an assignment if you are an immediate family member, employee or an ex-employee of a client that you may be assigned.

Exclusivity and Non-Competition Agreement. You agree never to: (1) disclose the names and/or locations of Service Impressions’ clients to anyone; (2) convey the results of your findings with anyone other than Service Impressions and/or its designated representatives; (3) contact Service Impressions’ client’s management or personnel in regard to the assignment (unless expressly authorized to do so in writing by Service Impressions); (4) use any of Service Impressions’ or its clients’ information or materials for purposes other than the mutually agreed-upon assignment. Completed reports are for the exclusive use and knowledge of our clients. All forms and training materials are copyrighted and remain the exclusive property of Service Impressions and/or its clients. For a term of one (1) year after written termination of this agreement, shopper agrees not to enter the service evaluation business, including mystery/secret shopping, surveys, comment card programs, or any other related services, either directly or indirectly. Association in the industry must be limited to providing services to other established companies, as long as all above conditions are met.

This agreement is made and shall be enforced under the laws of the state of California.

By submitting this form you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the above as well as the following statements: I am expressing my interest in participating in market research programs by providing services as an independent contractor, and not as an employee or agent of Service Impressions. If my services are retained, I will be solely responsible for reporting all income received from Service Impressions, and for paying all pertinent federal, state, and local taxes, and any other taxes and/or assessments levied by governmental authorities, as well as all other pertinent liabilities or payments. I understand that during my participation in the market research program(s), I will remain free to perform services for any other person or business, so long as I continue to provide the services I have agreed to provide for Service Impressions. I also understand that my participation in the market research program is not guaranteed, that Service Impressions may discontinue my services at any time and for any reason with advance notice, and that I have a similar right.

By completing this form and clicking on the box below I agree to conduct this transaction electronically. I further agree that my name and email address will act as my electronic signature and bind me to this Agreement. I understand that by attaching my electronic signature below, this Agreement will have the same enforceability, validity, and legal effect as if it were a traditional paper agreement signed by hand.

Furthermore, I attest that I am the only person authorized to access the email address submitted below and that my email address and therefore my electronic signature are unique to me. I authorize Service Impressions to verify the information I have provided, including my electronic signature. I understand that after I submit the completed form I will have the opportunity to print or save it for my personal records.

I agree to the terms of the Contractor Agreement detailed above.